I have always had an affinity for water. Or even just being near the water. Maybe it’s some past life notes trickling down subconsciously. Above water, below water, raining water, shower water, it doesnt matter. I know that it means something to me, something somewhere deeper than just the obvious.

I have a lot of good memories being near the ocean. Feels very close to home, and sometimes I meet people who have that same sparkle in their eye when they see the water and I wonder if they just aesthetically are attracted to it, or do they believe that there is a stronger pull.

Even though I don’t spend enough time in it, I still hold reverence for the way it vividly reminds me of things. And although this is not about music directly, it is about what inspires me to create and write. And this is one of those things that does.

“Ship to shore, do you read?”


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