About AFE

Scott Free // Scott Glover

I have been playing and involved in the Texas music scene since 1987. I have performed in many bands over the years and participated in numerous creative projects, including punk, hardcore, country, rock and blues bands. I also have made my bones in the D.I.Y. scene, from mass producing cassette tapes and cd’s out of my home, leading print jobs, flyering, networking, working with local zines (print zines), building web sites since there was a world known as GeoCities, and have done event promoting and event directing.

Music and art have always been my escape. Life beats you. Like a piano rainstorm. You think it stops and guess what, you’d better be ready for the next round. We are in a constant state of struggle, and when you are not – that means your dead. People want the easy life, the picket fence, the warm sunday afternoons – some of us will never begin to fit into that mold. Some of us are just meant to do what we do. Yell. Throw things. Make things change. To do something that will affect someone on the inside. Whether its making them understand that yeah “I feel the same way, I relate”, or maybe it keeps someone one step away from putting a gun down their throat. Either way, it’s action through writing and art. And that’s something.


Scott Free and his band Worm Suicide (3 AMA Nominations) received an award for “Best Performing Punk Band 2016-17” at the Austin Music Awards during South by Southwest (SxSw) 2017.

This page is my canvas and my screaming area – and always a work in progress. I will post music, writing, photos, art and layout design and pretty much anything that keeps my feet on the ground for one more day.

I currently have been writing and performing (2014 to present) with Worm Suicide (formed 1996). All of my shows are presently on that Facebook page.

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