Just roll the tape.

Putting together songs for Oct 15th and beyond that. I have already been rehearsing songs that won’t make it to the next show, but will appear on the one after that (Chapter 3). Whenever that is, since I don’t have any bookings after October. Also have had a lot of recording ideas, just a matter of where I want to do them. I may do so more demo sessions possibly before going to a studio type setting, I just can’t pin point what I want to spend my energy on next. Even some of the subject matter has me frazzled.

It’s all mentally draining either way, regurgitating events, picking music, deciding if these are songs I can actually pull off or sing or whatever. Either way, I do want to compile some for a CD, hopefully accompanied with some original work. I think that a complete original set and final chapter would make a great ending to any story. That would give some light to all of this, and making the journey worthwhile.

The best thing about talking about and reliving the past, is sometimes it can fuel something good in the future. Sometimes it just makes you feel like shit though.


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