He kisses her. She wants to believe him, so she says nothing.

Note 1013
Just disappear off the horizon, don’t even finish a sentence. Let all the pieces fall where they may. Shrug your shoulders and walk off like nothing was ever there. That’s how people handle entanglements in this time. Run as far and as fast as you can, it makes no difference. Thanks.

Note 1048
I’ve hated May and June for the last 11 years. Like a plate full of needles that you have to swallow. Thinking “well if things all land in the right place” it will be fine. But odds are that will not happen. Just digest. And the metal will taste like blood. And it will paint your face even if you are quiet as fuck. Charge on. I leave marks over my shoulder for every time I have to walk by something I don’t care to even touch. Throw it all the fuck away. It’s everyone’s answer anyway.

Note 1037
I’ll hashtag #wastedtime or some other fucking witty crap to throw into a sparkling bucket of social garbage. Like it matters anyway as people are fueled by “likes and thumbs” so much they believe it’s going to ignite themselves in a way that makes them sleep again. Good luck with that.


“I’m not a poet. I’ve never moved anyone with my words. Maybe that’s why they chose me.” – Solaris



Солярис. // Tarkovsky


“I think a person needs to learn from childhood to find himself alone. It means to not be bored when you’re by yourself, because a person who finds himself bored when alone – as it seems to me – is in danger.” – Andrei Tarkovsky


A single world, our own, suffices us.

Solaris Mirrors

“This is another lie. We are only seeking Man. We have no need of other worlds. A single world, our own, suffices us; but we can’t accept it for what it is. We are searching for an ideal image of our own world: we go in quest of a planet, a civilization superior to our own but developed on the basis of a prototype of our primeval past.”
― Stanisław LemSolaris

Silentium Extra

Rheya / Solaris 2002

Rheya Kelvin: Don’t blow it.

Chris Kelvin: [laughs] You start.

Rheya Kelvin: I did.

Chris Kelvin: Really? All right, I’m going to resist the impulse to ask you about the doorknob.

Rheya Kelvin: Do you always resist your impulses?

Chris Kelvin: Not always.

Rheya Kelvin: Try poetry.

Chris Kelvin: And death shall have no dominion…

Rheya Kelvin: Mm, Thomas. It’s not a very happy poem, though.

Chris Kelvin: Well, you didn’t seem very happy when I saw you on the train.

Rheya Kelvin: [laughs] I wasn’t.

Chris Kelvin: And tonight?

Rheya Kelvin: It’s early.

“Earth. Even the word sounded strange to me now… unfamiliar. How long had I been gone? How long had I been back? Did it matter? I tried to find the rhythm of the world where I used to live. I followed the current. I was silent, attentive, I made a conscious effort to smile, nod, stand, and perform the millions of gestures that constitute life on earth. I studied these gestures until they became reflexes again…

But I was haunted by the idea that I remembered her wrong, and somehow I was wrong about everything.” -Solaris 2002


Stars at elbow and foot.

Solaris 1972 / AFE Edit

Solaris 1972

“I know only one thing. When i sleep, I know no fear, no trouble, no bliss. Blessing on him who invented sleep. The common coin that purchases all things, the balance that levels shepherd and king, fool and wise man. There is only one bad thing about sound sleep. They say it closely resembles death.”

― Andrei Tarkovsky, Solaris