Bad Girlfriend Red



1. Ankle Deep
2. Tongue In Cheek
3. Hearing The Fall
4. Sight For Sorrys
5. Bite Lip Beautiful
6. Sea Anemone (Jets to Brazil Cover)
7. Ankle Deep (Acoustic – Bonus Track)

Bad Girlfriend Red is a mixed media concept project that I started in October 2012. This album tells the story of an estranged character ‘Ava Grace’ that stalks and murders her ex-lovers of the past. The songs act as a narrative of her actions much like the soundtrack does for a movie. The arrangements describe the manners in which Ava performs the crimes in her dress colored ‘bad girlfriend red’ as though it is her only way of resolving the past.

Along with the seven song CD you will receive the booklet “Entries of Ava Grace”, which are some journal writings that I wrote during her actual character development phases. These are some entries that I created to sew the details of the music and the story together. They (along with the art included) create the cohesion which brings the whole tale into a three dimensional piece of work describing the things that were going through her head as she commits the murders. The pages often contain some graphic detailing as to why she chose to do the killings in the manners that she did.

The 14 page booklet is also superbly illustrated by comic artist / graphic designer Monica Gallagher from Eat Your Lipstick. Her web site hosts the popular web comic series Bonnie N. Collide (drawn and written by Monica) along with displaying many other pieces of her fine art works.

No longer available for purchase at this time. All songs will be uploaded for a download and journal will be posted in a reader / pdf download. Thanks for following up with my work.

-Scott Free