Tumbled into Tumblr, wow this place is a mess.

I started a Tumblr account to keep a photo journal recently. No writing, or maybe the occasional quote… All B/W photos of traveling or road stuff while I’m out. I’ve begun to realize although Tumblr has been around for a long time I never really began to find its appeal.

Recently I ran across some quite dark pages, dealing with things like depression, anorexia, anxiety disorders and pretty much anything all related since they feed you posts by your tags. I admire the boldness of the writing and posts I’ve seen. I’m sure WordPress has similar communities but the format is more Twitter-ish (micro-blogging). Even though some of it is quite direct, there is a clarity of truth in a lot of it.

Raw understanding in writing or photos I think is rare. While managing life in a whirlwind of problems at once, sometimes a blind understanding eye or ear is a helpful and welcomed thing.



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