Eyes wired shut.


Note 326
I lost myself once in a dark room with covered windows and familiar pillows…and it always seemed like the most important things we ever said we’re things that were spoken three inches from each others face. Why that seemed important to me I will never know, I only find it as a constant reminder of how penetrating intimacy can be on a level that only exists behind closed doors.

Note 078
Run fall, run again. Fall again. Rinse repeat.

Note 062
When life feels like you are walking backwards, that probably means you are moving in the wrong direction.

Note 087
There are reasons why you are there, and I am here. Although some people can never look back and see where they have been – I’ve seen enough for the both of us. The rocks don’t even bother me as much, since it has all been a well earned stumble. I wish it would of been easier, for then – and now, for you.


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