‘CoNTrol’ & Design 2014

As I write music I also work with visual designs usually at the same time. It helps me round out ideas, and give more depth to anything I set to publish. Sound is only one-dimensional so in order for myself  to achieve  the level of emphasis that I think any great story deserves (real or fiction) – eyes and ears are required to write out their own interpretations as they see due.

Above are a few things I have worked with over 2013-2014, some layout compositions and things I may be using with the current CD ‘CoNTrol’. Mostly a tribute to the aforementioned film of course, and all that comes with that.

“I had no hope. Yet expectation lived on in me, the last thing she had left behind. What further consummations, mockeries, torments did I still anticipate? I had no idea as I abided in the unshaken belief that the time of cruel wonders was not yet over.”
― Stanisław Lem, Solaris


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