One for Marnie.

Almost always when I write lately the music stems exclusively from an acoustic guitar piece first, then It becomes translated into louder electric or distorted sound. So when I am working on laying down tracks that are more aggressive, the original bearing of the music when it was written becomes lost and or turned into something else. In all actuality the original just doesn’t exist anymore, when you start doing overdubs along with adding drums etc. Usually weeks after I have put down ten or so tracks of the song I will go back and pick up the acoustic guitar and re experience the medley the way it came out, most often very simple and very quiet.

This song ‘Stars And Floors’ I wrote about a month ago, mostly finished it up for the record ‘CoNTrol’, and have yet to have the album version published for the fact I wanted to finish the collection of songs before I share them. I was sitting in my living room re playing the song as it appeared in my head and decided to set up some gear and just see what rolled. It’s weird that sometimes just going and recording something, with very little planning on what it could turn into seems scary, but occasionally you would be surprised at how the ‘un structured, just do it’ mentally can actually produce. I’ve spent weeks on songs that I was really never happy with, and can go and lunge into a song and blast out 6 tracks at 5am under no sleep, hung over, or wired on red bull and be mostly content with never re touching it at all. I guess it’s the energy, maybe unbridled, or the fight or flight for me that just has to get it out right then and there, so that I can finally rest.

It’s capturing that, that becomes rare – and I wish I could do it every time. Maybe I’d be a better artist then, or maybe that’s really asking too much.

This version of ‘Stars And Floors’ was done in about 5 takes, 4 tracks – 2 guitars and 2 vocals recorded with just one SM58. Simple, clean, and no flash – just bash.



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