“Like” this or “Like” that / A Social Study

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Average Likes / Week

Ok so over the last 5 weeks I put together a little test to see how the social media in my life and the topics that I wrote of and broadcasted are received. I’m not a fan of being so connected to the social world that I wanted to see how much interaction was going on between ‘my feed’ and ‘my audience’.

I did this by graphing some Facebook “likes” and paying close attention to what I was posting about, and also in what context of how I did it. I posted in several ‘average’ type categories, and to an average friend list of around 300. I did not aggressively do this in any kind of way, I rarely post anymore since the flood of things that go on in social media now days just seems to devalue how we internalize them, in many ways to me that is (another post by far).

I picked some general topics that were listed in my feed by myself and what I see mostly others writing about. These consisted of the following:

Media: This included  You Tube pages, CNN links, Songs, Band Pages or Music and/or Movie Trailers. This did not include home video / phone camera video this was media that was listed through an online service or an established media outlet.

Food: You would be surprised at how many dinner pictures are posted in media, either at appropriate times or even at any times people are out and about stuffing their faces.

Personal Photos: Selfies, home pictures, pictures of pictures, candids, instagram whatevers you get the idea.

Low Interest: This group consisted of random quotes, random twitter type posts, things off the top the head, things that were not relative to anything going on in the world, drunk posts, clueless rants, etc. Basically anything that really would have made no difference (in your head) as to whether you posted it or not.

High Interest: This category includes strong conviction writings, hobbies, posts directed at loved ones, family gatherings, weddings, birthdays and birth announcements – these are the things that I would consider critical to the entire method of utilizing social media for any non commercial issues. These are the topics that we think are important to share, and also to feel like we for some reason ‘need to be liked’.

Games: I did not include this in my data. No one cares about your farmville life. Socially or in any other whacked out exaggerated community.

The Data & Conclusion

The data was taken over several of the types of posts over 5 weeks and averaged to show directly by topic, how much people on the average (well my average) received and responded. And again these were very subtle postings, no crazy memes, nothing through my band AFE page or viral videos or Miley Cyrus, or anything else like that.

Now I have spent a lot of time over the last 16 years dealing with and or working in several types of digital media. From very early web site building in the 90’s using this type of media to help promote topics like bands, literary works, art to later on working with photography, modeling and online merchandising – which I totally understand as a useful and integral tool to what works and what does not work. It’s there, use it. Abuse it. Make it look pretty, polish it up the best you can and let it do a lot of the bully work for you. But as personally, I think social media has de sensitized us and dumbed us down to the point to where we forget ourselves actually ‘how we could socialize without this’. Things are much easily said behind a keyboard, or a message board in these times. It weakens us subconsciously to a point where we feel like we don’t have to talk anymore – why publicly speak or perform when I can self publish something here and broadcast it simultaneously to every social outlet in ‘one click’?

My small collection of data showed me a few things. First, that people on (my) average, tend to favor things in social media that actually have little or no meaning. Or that have very little consequence. Maybe it’s safer that way, maybe we still shudder behind a screen to think we may or may not be judged by what we like, digitally by clicking a stupid ‘like’ button. Whereas the things that we would hope would spread a little farther and most likely carry more momentum seem to be less acknowledged by far.

So the harder and more emphasis we strengthen what we say in social media about the things that are more important to us, the less that people are likely to denote and show a marked attention of, on a day-to-day regular basis. Kind of dismal in my opinion, I kind of expected the curve a little more in the positive favor. So the fact that some check facebook on the average 34 times a day (via phone or computer) they, you and or I are actually absorbing, approving and internalizing a large number of topics that really actually don’t mean much of anything substantially.

I guess I’d rather spend the time I have left on things aimed the other end of the curve. Maybe I will tweet that.

No need to share or like, if anyone even reads this.


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