First Time

Recorded this with an iPhone 5 (DAW digital track recorder) hanging from a cord from my ceiling. Then later went in an added overdubs and edits through the mac. I remember back in late 80’s doing track recording on cassette and how we struggled with everything, just trying to get a marketed sound that we could run tapes off. A lot of that was the learning process, but it’s pretty amazing what you can do with the phone in your pocket – considering I paid many bucks back in the day for a Tascam 4-Track.

This song has been stuck in my head for months after seeing Schwartzenbach play it live here in Austin. I’m not even sure if Thorns of Life ever recorded it – or it’s not readily available anymore.

Anyhow, my version – slightly adjusted lyrics, and probably the only cover I will be doing on sets this year.


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