Sharpened on your wall.

Apples For Eyes - Red No.5 / Monica Gallagher

Bad Girlfriend Red Prologue / Narrative

“As you see the answers to my problems deviate from the answers of the norm. I have no time to tie up details with these encounters, I only have time to put them to rest. This is how I crumble up old letters, burn old pictures and trash old mementos. Instead of picking up the pieces, I just leave them now.” 

“See I really have not allowed myself to care any longer about too many things. I had a handful of horrible relationships, a handful of people who I understood would act like human beings, and now I have a basketful of unraveled things that need to be tied up. And by tied up I mean, emptied. Erased.”

-Ava Grace 

Excerpt from screenplay draft / Bad Girlfriend Red 2013 V1


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