I laugh until I am sick.

This remake is weird, I used a layering of acoustic guitars and a bright british distortion for the chorus. Gated drums for that 90’s industrial icing. 

Note 232
Distance in writing is often a duel edged sword. I would be interested in locking myself in a room somewhere where I had no idea where I was. – I’m curious if it would make a difference.

Note 117
Sensory deprivation is an amazing way to retreat yourself, you’d be surprised at what ideas spider crawled down the walls of situations that you imagined could happen. Mostly to be reminded that they were never what you believed them to be in the first place.

Note 027
Solitude has never sowed despair here. I find it calming and numbing at the same time. When you remove the sources that we so addictively reach for to cut ourselves over and over – you can at least stave them off.

And these times I’d just rather be numb, and awake.


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