I often like to experiment with the less than standard recording techniques. It’s not too far for me to place microphones behind screen doors to catch the sound of outdoor noises, or rain, or water running out of a faucet. It’s the subtle things that become more important at times when I plan this stuff out, mostly things that no one will ever know but me. But in the end, I know that they are there – whether anyone hears a difference or not, well that’s on someone else’s plate.

I laid the tracks for this acoustic cover of Ned’s Atomic Dustbin’s ‘Happy’ while I was sitting under the enclosure of a hard wood desk. So about 70% surrounded by solid wood, or particle wood whatever (it’s heavy, I can’t move the thing). I guess I just liked the way things bounced back at me, even if it was tedious cramming myself, guitars and cords while sitting awkwardly for an hour. One mic jacked directly in, and one SM58 hanging slightly higher than the sound hole going towards the neck.

I’m ok with that spacey sound, this song travelled with me long enough over the years that playing it live generally gives me the looks like I’m from another planet anyhow.

And that’s that.


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