Too much too little now.

Around a week ago I woke up about 4 am with this song in my head in my room, well I had only played the loud version for the record prior – sometimes during evening mix sessions I would have dreams about arrangements I had worked on, they would just keep replaying over and over. I grabbed my guitar next to my bed and began playing through it acoustically a few times and It ended up kind of slow and lullaby-esque. More creepy and eerie, like a dazed narrative.

It wasn’t 10 more minutes and I was stumbling around setting up my mics in the corner of my room to just kind of do a half live / half tracked recording. Anyhow 2 hours later I had a few mixes that I felt were personal enough to use, not perfect – but real enough that I believed put a closing twist on the  song.

A reprise of sorts. It’s weird how you can wake in the middle of the night and find strange inspiration to just grab and go, and that’s how the best leaps in creativity happen. We’ll that and a little bit of crazy mixed in.

Hope your today is all you hoped it to be.


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