For my song “Sight For Sorrys” I had sampled this line from the movie Leon: The Professional. It’s just a great phrase that underlines Mathilda’s sincerity in how her convictions are filled with the momentum that fuels her confidence.

I relate this somewhat to my character ‘Ava’ in my Bad Girlfriend Red concept album. They kind of share the same motivations, without being able to find the good/bad line between them – only knowing that both emotions come at such a great cost. I am very surprised some other artists have not elaborated on this line.

But after thinking on it a week or so I decided to put together some pop art / poster work for what I believe is one of the most driving discussions between Mathilda and Leon in the film.

I had gotten a few email inquiries asking if I was going to have this print available here or at any upcoming events – unfortunately I just put this together for online use, so I won’t be doing any physical copies. If I did, due to licensing I would have to give them away! 



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