Scripted walls.

I will begin completing the journal entries soon that will accompany the Bad Girlfriend Red album probably sometime next week. This whole project is something that lately as we get closer, I seem to eat and breathe it. Sometimes I cannot sleep, probably due to my obsessive compulsive behavior and wanting to make sure it remains on schedule and gets finished.

It’s neat as you see your characters come to life in your head that you have created in song, almost like the music serves as their heartbeat while you shape their paths. You get to paint the road of their fate, and the more you build and expand what the characters feel, the more they begin to take on a momentum of their own.

The song above “Hearing The Fall” is the last addition to the EP. I put together the video with nearly all of my concept imagery for the whole production. Most of the photos or layouts were found in a folder that I started back in late October of 2012. So pardon my attention to some of the stills, I composed this slide show very fast.

As I said in the past, the written journal and musical parts of Bad Girlfriend Red will serve as narratives of ‘each other’. They will compliment one another respectively much as the main character ‘Ava’ wished to have found in her counter parts. But unfortunately in this songs case, she drives an ice pick into her past lovers ear. By opening up his head, she believes that this will open up his world so that he can begin to understand hers.


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