Ma chérie rouge.

C’est fini ma chérie rouge.

Finished up all of the actual music recording last night for the Bad Girlfriend Red EP. I will probably rest my ears for a few days and then I will start digging into the masters. I’d like to go back and listen to the tracks that were recorded in November of last year and probably make some adjustments here and there.

The more that I have worked with producing music in the last few months I find myself really opening up to manipulating the sounds in different ways. It’s interesting that as you train your ear to the sounds that you want to hear, the more you can work with the tracks as a whole and mold them into the productions that you see and want them to be.


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  1. Hello there 🙂

    I like your blog & the posts I’ve read so far are great! I look forward to reading more. I also wanted to thank you for liking & following my blog. I’m happy to know you’ve enjoyed some of what you’ve read & to have support from another blogger. It’s really lovely. So thank you again, I hope all is well & good luck with everything!

    Cheers! :]