Sight For Sorrys

Getting someone to see what you feel is the drive in this. My main character (Ava) thinks that by removing her victim’s eyes she can show them the pain that was experienced. If you could ‘trade’ eyes with someone then they themselves could see into the late evenings of your sleepless nights. If you had their eyes then maybe you could understand why they ‘lied’ or did the things that they did.

I’m fond that this song is not dark and for boding like the others in this series. This denotes the variance in how she feels that this really is the only choice left to make – and to her it’s not something sinister, but very integral to attaining the closure that she needs (even cleansing the morbidity of plucking out someones eyes).

It’s a dark road, but sometimes the illumination that she gains with explaining to her past doomed loves how they never saw the pain, but somehow dismissed it creates the icing on the kills. This is a happy sounding ‘sing-a-long’ song that makes an almost eerie humming in her head as she dissects their orbitals ‘reminding herself that they’ll never see her again’.

give me your eyes
and i’ll take you there
i’ll show you the wrecks in my head


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