Trade me your eyes.

give me your eyes

Worked on the BGR recordings more this weekend. I have been having a huge writers block with finishing up the album – but some times you really just have to step back and breathe, forget all the you have done and just let things come on their own terms. Some songs I have finished are not really what I had hoped them to be, so now I feel selective in what I put on the record. But this one really hit home so I feel it will scrape the hard surface of what I’m trying to do.

Sight For Sorrys

trade me your eyes

i just want you to

show me where i went wrong

trade me your eyes

i just need you to

make me believe you’ve moved on

show me the lies

that were in your head

the ones that broke me in two

all of the ties

i had bound to you

don’t look for them here any more

and maybe it’s wrong

but it feels so right

and it’s all your song

and this is your sight

give me your eyes

and i’ll take you there

show you the wrecks in my head

see all the times

that you left me there

tossing and turning in bed

trade me your eyes

i’m not asking you

i’m taking the moments from you

hearing your cries

are reminding me

that you’ll never see this again


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