Wide open notes to you

Note #0101
Finished this up earlier this week on my time off for the holidays, not to cheerful but neither is the story so far. I will work for a day or so putting all the pieces together and then I find myself reverting back to doing visual work for the project. I am planning to put together a journal companion to go out with the first copies of the CD. I want it to be play by-play written emotions that go along with each song, plus illustrations. Much like the way she (the character) will revert to justifying her malicious actions (as described in the song above). For those of you who only see music as one-dimensional, then you would maybe not get it – or those of you want to see more into the story behind the sounds, then it will make an excellent sidearm to add to the overall conjunction of what I’m trying to do.

Note #0102
I have always been a huge fan of heart-felt music relying on real life experiences – it comes easy for me. It always has, and in fact I really write with more conviction when things are not so good in the real life spectrum. So here I find myself having to step away from the scratch of reality, turn things off and take myself somewhere else in my head to live for a while. I’m sure all fiction writers do this to some extent, I can’t see any other way great authors could delve into what they are creating in any other way. I run across road blocks constantly, forcing things never works – it only clutters what you are trying to say. The goal of sitting down and composing a song for the sole purpose of doing it, will not work for this story. You always have to breathe, look away, turn things off – then let it come on its own terms. For me, when this happens – the laws of attraction come into fold and I sometimes end up stepping way outside of my box to try things I would have never pre programmed myself to do.

Note #0103
I look at it as creating things three dimensionally: visually by sight and illustration, sound by the ear of music, and the mind by writing and letting the user interpret the data as a whole ‘all together’. It’s a system that creates cohesion among the three, making the entire composure tangible, but yet allows the listener to let it evolve as far as he or she wants it to.

Note #0104
As far as the ending of the tale, I’m all for a great meaning in the end – but I just don’t see it here in this. I’m not looking for a ‘what does it all mean’ with this character. I’m looking to present the  ‘here and now’ of what she feels like is the absolution of crime and passion. I mean you can take what you know, and have learned in the past – try to apply it to writing, but for this I really have to disconnect and throw out some of my tried and true rules to create a certain type of atmosphere in painting this. I have to erase reason, and replace it with unbridled action – then write music and lyrics to it, oh and also make it not look like horror BUT make it look elegantly necessary as if there were not any stain on a white cloth bathed in a red cloaked room.


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