Just Go To Sleep

Tongue In CheekI write in reverse. As I relive the thoughts. It’s much easier for me to paint a picture and then tell a story behind it. When it comes to music, I create a photo, or art – I write a melody on guitar to illustrate the picture, I write a bridge, then a chorus. And it’s not until this point that I actually write lyrics. So unintentionally I rewind the story, and rewrite it in a sense. I find it easier to make the story from the things I see. It’s always been that way for me.

My latest song for the Bad Girlfriend Red ep is called Tongue In Cheek. It’s morbid tale, that goes along with the record telling the story of how it feels for the main character to cut the tongue out of a past lover, and how it symbolically represents the means to silence them and the things that they’ve said – and how they’ve lied. To the point where the direction of the character knows it’s wrong, but they know to create the equilibrium in their life, it means to end the speaking of the other. It’s chapter 2 of this story, it’s a road she travels and systematically starts the cleansing process.

One by one she intends to remove the stains on her life, and by songs, action and meticulous dissection, she does it. This is not a pretty process, but the character does it with elegance – and that’s what puts the beauty in the tale.

just go to sleep
I’ll rip your tongue out through your teeth
just go to sleep
divide your words, the ones you kept from me
just go to sleep
pour out you mouth on to the floor for me


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