My razor symphony

This last month I have been tied up working on music for my concept record Bad Girlfriend Red. BGR comes from a shade of red that I named in my Photoshop palette used in a lot of my illustrative pieces. I tend to gravitate to this color constantly when I am working on digital art or edits. It has a warm draping feel but to me still exudes a sense of dangerous thinking.

The music on Bad Girlfriend Red will be telling the story of a woman who has decided to stalk and kill her past lovers that have wronged her maliciously. This is fiction of course, but I think that telling it in a way with song, lyric and illustrations will paint a strong design of revenge that can be detailed, dark and exciting. It is teaching me to step out of the box, write and sing about something that has not happened. And to do it passionately.

despiteI want a sinister story. I want to paint a tale that is not pretty to look at – besides her of course, even covered in death – she will always remain elegant and in control (as far as you know now). It’s about being pushed to where your morals become altered, to where one feels justified in committing murder – compelling the listener to feel that, hear that and see that. By using music we can take thoughts and actions that are bad, communicate them with the feeling of hopelessness and necessity – and by this method, convince the listener that this is something that needs to happen.

Wrong and offensive as it may be, when she dons the dress colored ‘Bad Girlfriend Red’ – this is the time when instead of allowing her past connections to have power over her, she now has the power over them. So be it if dismemberment and bloodshed are the fuel required to maintain what she thinks is ‘her sanity’.

Ankle Deep is the first ‘official’ arrangement that I have finished up for this, and in the lyrics I want you to wonder who the victim is – her or him. I will be posting these videos and downloads as I complete them – like serials. I’m not as much focused on the finished project currently as I am in writing the story along the way.

I have lived my life through a soundtrack already, and now I want to build one of my own.

You can download or share AFE’s track Ankle Deep from the link above.

dead eyes
red nails
sharpened on your wall

your shouting words
im here to end them all

crawl upon your floor
arched ankles on all fours
on pins and needles now

bare neck it sings to me
my razor symphony
on the ground like you lied to me

the point is in your eye
your words are raining down
too much too little now
no one can save you now


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