Change in the eye.

Concept 1

Art draft #3 BGR 2012

Worked this up yesterday, I generally do some sort of artsy stuff alongside writing new music (for those of you whom have not read anything from here before). Part of this makes me feel awkward, but then again part of it makes me feel ok. Somewhere in the middle, it’s that weird place that could ride anywhere. And anywhere means drumming the lines of horrible to content.

I like the pop 80’s type art along with the feel of dragging some old photo out of a box.

The new ‘louder’ record I am working on is called “Bad Girlfriend Red” and will be a fiction album based on some life details. Totally new approach to this one – I’m not re-creating life events this time, just creating new ones.

Often sitting and working on photos or edits can spur writing streaks, to me they are all linked. One feeds off the other, one eats – the other sleeps. I am such a visual writer that I don’t think I could do it any other way.


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