So Far, So Long

Couple of things going on I would that like to mention since I have been MIA from here for a few weeks now. I will be performing November 3rd at the charity event The 5th Annual Warriors Never Die Benefit for Adopt A Pet this coming weekend at 7PM at the DownTown Bar & Grill in Victoria Texas. The event will have a number of fund-raising activities going on both days with quite an impressive variety of local Texas live talent. I contributed this pop art poster of Julie Newmar (original Catwoman) for the event – which will be available at the venue for a small donation to the charity.

I also am going to begin working with a well-versed videographer in Austin on a music video for the song Where Did My Winter Go. We have about wrapped up the casting for the shoot, but there are a lot more details and story boarding that I am still finishing up. It’s a lot of work to put all of this together, just finding a locale to begin filming is really a hurdle. Especially since I am against doing any live shots for this. It will be a story, since my material is all story related. Hopefully I will have more details on this soon as we move through the holidays.

And  lastly this weekend, after my performance at the charity concert saturday I will have to hastily leave to be a guest on the Old Man and Bitter Girl Podcast that airs weekly the following Mondays. It will be nice to sit and chat with the hosts of the program again, talk about the last few gigs, new songs and the record, talk trash, talk pop culture, talk nerd stuff and talk conventions that I regularly attend. I am sure to go off on a tangent rant fueled by cheap whiskey at some time during the 1-2 hr taping of the show. So look forward to that.

These will probably be my last events for a while. Thanks for all of your support.



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