Widow Sessions

So it’s been about 15 months that I have been working on this solo experiment now. This started out purely as a project that was devoted to telling my story through a series of cover music that would create a soundtrack of events detailing some of my experiences. After which, the website evolved into a home for me to share some of my writing, thoughts and digital imagery that I use in conjunction with the songs to further illustrate my stories about love and trying. I’ve always felt that music, storytelling and art presented together could not only make someone understand how you feel, it could also take them there – inside and out, and allow them to see it through their own window. This allows me to tell my story in three dimensions, giving it depth and magnitude.

After a handful of live performances and even an art expo, I had begun writing some original music off and on of which I would never of thought I’d end up doing, or really sharing much just because it deviated from my initial idea for AFE. It just seemed like after a playing the sets of songs that I labeled “Chapter 1, 2 and 3” it just was not enough. It was in between these lines when I began writing the material that I called the ‘Widow Sessions’. It’s these songs that I tried to use to fill that void that I have been carrying with me for five or so years now. The words to them are the liner notes to some times of my life.

I have recorded in very elaborate studios in my career. This was not my intention with this EP. I liked the idea of hearing the way a song sounds sitting in a room next to another, one on one for the first time. Sometimes I would wake up in the middle of the night and write a song in my bed in the dark. The room would be so quiet at 4am you could hear every slide on the strings, just as if you are laying next to them. I didn’t make these for radio, I wrote them to stitch all of the other songs of the chapters together. They are the product of me reliving a part of my past that I lost (and coping with that loss).

Is it an ending? I can’t say  – even though it feels as such. I once was asked in an interview, “if after I finished all the chapters of songs what would transpire next?” I believe my answer was something to the effect of “well, I really don’t want to talk about this story anymore”. And I guess it’s kind of a door that I’m trying to close – but you know how life just does not really play by your rules, or more especially your heart’s rules.

Most importantly it is my first original contribution as a solo musician, and as a writer that tells a story about something that is dear to me.

I’m looking at having the CD package ready on September 4 and selling it through the site. I’m still waiting on mastering and parts of the production to get here. I will be hand packing/packaging these myself with any other stickers and buttons I have from my merchandise box. The front cover art was illustrated by Daniel Crosier out of Colorado and the back cover by Pedro Flores out of Texas. It was great working with both of them on my concept project.


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