Up and on top of

Walls are much easier to build than bridges. Even though bridges actually take you places and connect you to people and things, it seems easier to build upwards instead of forwards. I have grown older seeing people wall themselves behind things, and still do it myself more than I would admit.

Sometimes I do see it as necessary, or maybe it’s a defense mechanism for some that are more introverted than others. In the big picture of things it’s probably better to not become seasoned at walling your self inside things, than to try to cross over to ways that could possibly expand your visions.

When I become vulnerable I tend to build upwards. It’s just what I know. I see it in others too, and maybe you pass on through your life stacking higher and higher until there is no way over it, in or out. Do you cheapen your experiences this way? I think so. Limit your options well of course. It’s a retreat to safety, where we are comfortable in finding what we know…

Changing patterns are hard to follow through on. Routine is learned and behaved, offering security and safety within the options we are given – those situations in turn it will lead us to our limitations. Barriers and limits then point us to constrictions that confine the way we think and how we progress.

There really is no order in that entropy that we grasp onto to help guide us forward at all sometimes. Either I am lost and free, or content and shackled.

Neither of those are things that I am ok with.

You can download my latest original song “Lipstick in Yellow” for free here, and I have also updated my show list for July. I will be performing at the Down Town Bar & Grill in Victoria Texas July 21,2012.


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