Lipstick In Yellow

Finished this up the past weekend. I found myself spending a lot of time doing the mixes, almost too much time that I had to let it sit for a while before wrapping it up. There is a peculiar story with this song that brought it to surface, like I said my dream experiences lately have been raging and they tend to influence me subconsciously, or consciously I don’t know. Probably both.

Anyhow I had this very vivid dream about a woman wearing a yellow shirt that had red lipstick painted on it. And it was a familiar woman, but not so much a woman who I am familiar with. One of those weird instances where someone makes an appearance in your dream, and from then on they just kind of stand out more than they used to. We’ll it’s like that.

I just was just kinda rattled by the dream for a while, and because of that I allowed some guarded thoughts of mine about a past relationship slip away. Things that really needed to have washed away from me years ago. The song really has nothing to do with the woman in yellow, but the song does exist because of an impression that the dream left on me. I know it sounds weird – it’s really not, it’s just how things unfold. Sometimes an experience comes on its own terms, and a lot of it is how you process that. Whether you go on and file it away, or you study and try to figure out what your subconscious would possibly be telling you.

In this case, the thoughts needed to go. And as in the song lyric I wrote above “I walked out that door, on my own”, it’s really saying that it has to be done that way. No one wants to be forced to leave a feeling they love. Whether it be good or bad, familiarly with love and those experiences are sometimes all we have to relate to that connection and what it was, or how it made us feel. Waking and leaving that, because of now it being ‘what you want’ – is a leap into an unknown room. A room that we never understand to always bring to us the next best thing.

So whatever reason I experienced the woman in yellow momentarily in the dream – as odd as it sounds, because of that impression, some of my other impressions of people I have continually known longer, have changed. Maybe we look or see something differently, or maybe we see it from ourselves from another’s perspective. How or why that happens I don’t know. But they do, hopefully in the end, for the better. No matter how short our experiences happen, in dreams or in actual encounters, many can and will lead things into what they are meant to finally be.

And I guess we should welcome that, however small or seemingly insignificant that change should be.


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