Bend to bleed.

Spending time doing the mixing of the last song I recorded called “Lipstick in Yellow“. I hope to have that song up and on the site here within the week. Some songs don’t finish out as I planned them too and I have to end up tweaking the effects and so forth. And then if you try to put everything together too fast your ears and interpretation of the mix gets muddled down, so I have found that it’s best to wait a few days when you hit hurdles in the mixes that are just not coming out right. Add on the top that I do all the post production and edits myself, because it’s just easier for me that way…and well, that just drags things out longer. I still have at least 2 more songs to go before I pack the record up and print covers etcetera, and then I plan on getting it out to you personally, face to face.

Which brings me to say I may, in August be doing some shows around Texas on tour with The Loveletter. This is still early in the planning stages, but I really have nothing holding me back. I have plenty of time, and plenty to say. I have done a ton of road shows with my previous bands over the years. I’ve slept in less than desirable places, awoken on hard floors, gotten paid in change and booze, spent nights in vacant apartments, slept in vans and trucks on the side of the road, it really could not be anything I haven’t already done. Except that I’ll be doing it alone as a band. No shield, no armor, no sea of alcohol to hide behind – just me.

I think that this experience is something that I have to do, and really is something I need to see. Even if it is playing crappy coffee bars, and house parties I don’t even mind that so much. You’d be surprised at the people you can meet and share with on intimate gigs, yes I emphasize – you’d be quite surprised.


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