Split and Shiver

Spent the majority of the evening working on music. It’s good to find a wave and ride on it, ride through it and dig into it as much as you can. It’s unusual where the words come from, where even the chords even come from. But sometimes one thought, one look, or one picture in your head can avalanche into something worth telling a story about.

I mean story telling is all I’m doing. Most of the time it’s bad stories, or worse than lively thoughts. But always understand how real it is. How in my time, right now is what counts. I have no idea what I’ll see tomorrow so how could I possibly plan for it. How will I know if what I do today is what’s right for tomorrow. I don’t. You don’t. No one does.

This is why an expression on your face is worth writing about. Or an expression in your eyes is worth singing to. And it’s why you have to do it now. Someones lively hood dies everyday. And we just never know.

i’ll walk until i break
i’ll crawl until i make it there
i know it’s true

i fight for what i take
i’ll dream until i wake up there
and i find you


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