Sometimes dead is better.

AFE by Pedro Flores at Teddyburger Art.

This is an awesome contributed piece of art that my friend Pedro Flores in my hometown area drew up for me a few weeks ago. I had contacted him about doing some concept art for my music, and with giving him the subject matter involved with what I do, he came up with this.

I think my favorite part of the picture is that her eyes are closed. That to me says a lot. Being that people with their eyes shut are often oblivious to things that are in front of them. Whether it’s good or bad, I have always been a fan of wanting ‘to know’ rather than to ‘not know’.

Whether she is ‘asleep or dead’ I will leave that up to you. But either way, she was a ‘gamble’. And when we take chances in love sometimes we lose. But of course, I will take all of my chances over – and again…

And so will you.

If you have a chance please go and give a ‘look and a like’ at Pedro Flores’ art Facebook page. He is an amazing young illustrator in South Texas that pushes new pieces of work out weekly that are all fantastic.


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