Damaged Series 1

Weekend at the Staple Media Expo in Austin was great. Got to spend a lot of time talking with artists, writers and the art enthusiasts that came to see the sights. You’d  be surprised at how many ideas for writing, creating and performing that I got from speaking to people who came by to see what this project was all about. You may spend one minute talking, or you may spend ten minutes talking – you would never know by looking at someone how they perceive what you are doing.

Some get it, some don’t. But getting it out there is all that matters. It means a lot more to me for someone to say “hey I really think what you are doing is innovative and great” than it is for someone to purchase your work, take the free stuff and never look back on it again.

I had two prints up at my table that I had put together just for this event. I may post something up in my media section at a later time for those who may be interested.

Thanks again to anyone that stopped by, and props to OMBG Podcast for having me.


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