Staple Media Expo 2012

This coming weekend March 3rd-4th I will be sitting in with the Old Man and Bitter Girl Underground Radio crew at Staple! The Independent Media Expo in Austin Texas. This is a huge event that houses artists from all over the states. You will see everything from comic book artists, to book writers, to game developers, to musicians, to zines (print and internet) and more.

OMBG Underground Radio is a south Texas weekly music podcast covering anything from pop culture to local music artists. I was a featured artist on their show some months back and they have invited me to show some of my work at their booth (number 058) for the expo. I should have some free things to give away along side some limited prints and CD’s for inquiring minds. It’s really just a perfect opportunity to connect with like minds, music and or otherwise. I never do these things looking to make money, just another outlet to be heard at. You never know who will come to browse your table.

It’s a great way to spend some hours of your weekend. There are plenty of after hours ‘get togethers’, usually including a charity art show at a venue in downtown Austin. So come on down and meet new artists and network with people from all over the country.

When?: March 3-4

Where?: Austin Texas, Marchesa Hall & Theatre

How much?: $10 admission / $15 two day pass

Official Staple! Page:


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