This house will be empty as holes

Was working on music the past weekend, and between rehearsing songs I sort of got stuck on this Tim Barry tune. I really had not planned on doing any more recording of cover songs, it just was one of those moments where you press record and go. I can’t say it’s that great of a recording, but I can say that it is that great of a song.

If it means jump up and do something while you can do it, than you do. If it means reaching out for that golden ring on the ride when you come around, than you should. Anyhow, my last few sets I have been closing with this song, it really just says a lot to me in all of its 3 minutes.

Check out Barry’s other stuff, it’s well worth your drinking time.

You can download my studio live version of Tim Barrys’ Walk 500 Miles along with other of my music here.


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