I was glad to finally finish up the Valentines Day release. That song came out as it was intended so being that it took six weeks to complete didn’t bother me as much. I’ll never claim to be a singer, it was never my strong suit – it’s all about getting it out, and to get it out before it strangles you on the inside is really all I can ever do. Thanks to everyone who looked into the release, reposted it, downloaded it or at least gave it an ear. To me it was a lot to regurgitate and remember  again, and now that it’s done I can move on to the next thing I have on my list.

I took a week off of writing and working since I felt like six was enough, but now I already feel the grind of reality pushing. I believe sitting idle and thinking too much sandbags me. I have too many ideas in my head, and in order to keep them going I have to keep them in motion – while I can. What I find works best with me, is really having to cut myself off from a good part of outer distractions. The less I know about whats going on around me, the better off I am when it comes to getting things done. I have to keep my momentum going, if I don’t it lags behind and drags me down. Honestly the best way to get away from the things that I can’t live with the most is to write about them and yell about them. And there are plenty of ways to do that. As to some, I know they come across as a grain of sand – and well to others I guess I really don’t care how it comes across. It all comes down to how you sleep at night. Which I am sure you know.

Lately I have been doing some experimentation with stop frame motion video. And I have an idea for a video, which in turn will accompany another track (the third of the Widow Sessions). It’s funny that this is actually the first song I wrote for AFE, my first original that I was performing at my last few shows. The song in turn is called “Pillow“, and since it has yet to be recorded, putting together the sessions to layout the song and a video at the same time should prove to be quite the challenge.

Those of you familiar with stop frame animation know that it is no fast process. You are talking about probably at least 400-600 frames that have to be recorded individually to cover a four-minute song. I have some really neat ideas to cover those 4 minutes. A whole black box of them in fact.

With all of that I will crawl inside my hole, those of you that know how to reach me can obviously do so (I respond better to direct messages than status updates). I apologize for my lack of sensitivity to some of the social media out there. I just really don’t care much anymore.


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