Lock it up.

My second single from my solo original work AFE “Widow Sessions” will be released on Feb 14, 2012 and available for download via iTunes. I have been working on this track for about 6 weeks, and each new session helps me unravel more about taking leaps.

The track “She Hides When It Reigns” is probably one of the most personal original pieces I have done in 25 years. I doubt anyone will get the sampling reference in the song (props if you do), but this has really been about getting these things out of me, and not so much about how someone perceives how I am doing it. It’s all about doing it, and using that inside pull to guide you.

Whether i’m screaming, just playing, writing or storytelling there is always a reason for it. If I leave a fingerprint anywhere, on anyone – then I’ve accomplished what I set out to do.

Again, the track will be up for download on Valentines Day, but for the diligent ones it will air  Monday Feb 13 on the Old Man & Bitter Girl Podcast. Definitely check that out, their 1hr plus radio show is always a great time.



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