It’s been about 6 weeks that I have been off the grid. I have noticed that sometimes it takes an absence to create a presence. Odd as that sounds, silence can speak more than screaming can on occasions, contraire to some of my previous performances. I can’t say that I know what good it can do, but being away from distractions has helped me imagine situations to write about ‘in my head’ more in the last month than probably over the last year.

Over the last ten days I have contributed about 15 tracks to some music that has been pressuring me for a while, I still have more to do in the coming days to attempt on getting this song out by February 14. Over the dozens and dozens of songs I have written in the last 10 years I’d say that I have put more attention to this set of original music than any pieces I have ever worked on. I can’t say I call it my favorites, but these songs are about survival, songs that I have written out of conviction, not out of necessity.

Each is its own. It has its own fragments that build into what feeling I bring to the surface. I enjoy doing these songs under the most simplistic situations. One mic. One room. A good bit of premeditation and under several sessions. Where as in a band we could essentially finish a tune in one day (in the punk rock days anyhow) – I will spend weeks now on ambient sounds, samples, mic positioning, the hand pats on the outside of my guitar. Really the things that not many will notice but they are all to me, integral to being a part of the big picture of this story I continue to tell.

I have not been a fan of Feb 14 over the last 4 years. Not even sure I can remember too many good ones before that – but this new song is very fitting to release on that day. That day is really the reason that this part of my adventure even exists, more especially this song “She Hides When It Reigns”.

It’s not for ‘anyone’, it’s happening because of ‘everyone’. It’s not for being without ‘one’, it’s for being without ‘someone’. I hope all of you that day find time to enjoy the good connections you have with yours, skywrite how much they mean to you if you can.


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