This last weekend I started laying tracks for the Widow Sessions EP that I have been writing on for I guess the previous few months. It always seems to take longer then I anticipate, since I end up trashing the tons of lines that I write after I decide the next day that maybe I had been drinking too much when I came up with that. As much as my buddy Tim Danger from The Loveletter would encourage me to hold on to them, sometimes I just have to let those words go, for my own safety. Atleast for now.

This new song that I started recording called “I wish my hard drive would crash“, has sort of a Christmas feel. Well it’s what I feel during the holidays. And all that entails. I don’t think you will be hearing me sing about Santa, so I’m sure you get the idea. And it’s nothing earth shattering, anyone who spends time alone at end of the year can relate. It’s just a part of life that you learn to deal with. And when I say alone, I don’t refer to ‘alone’ as meaning without family. I have a great close family. It more refers to being ‘alone’ on the inside. Which points to an emptiness and a void that has continued  to hollow itself out over the years. I have called out many a night for that space to go away, and for some reason it won’t or can’t. So I end up having to give up to it, and then just try to push it as far away as I can.

I am pleased with how it’s coming along and plan to finish up laying guitar and vocal tracks for it this week, and when it’s done I will post it to my You Tube hopefully by Xmas.


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