Started working on a show poster last week for a gig I have coming up in Austin on October 25, and the one I had begun laying out just was not flowing well with my idea at the time. After scrapping that one, I came up with this on Friday night after a few drinks. It actually turned out to be one of my favorite pieces I have done this year, by far. Thank god for alcohol when we need a little inspiration.

I found an old 1950’s Milk of Magnesia print ad that I liked with the vintage woman and man nurturing scene. Guess I’m a sucker for nurses or something. Been around them too much of my life probably.  I took that ad along with a stock photo of the orange vinyl part on the right side and came up with this layout.

The actual record sleeve, aging, texturing, and shading with typeset was all done by me over a long night of beer, whiskey and bad songs.


“…and I see, you made all the right decisions.”


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