These were my thoughts for the day. In no specific order.

You know as soon as you think you have a handle on something it’s just a fast going to let you know that it slips away. Seems like that always happens. In some way or another, whether it’s just day-to-day things or life altering instances. Things change and move and wither into situations that you wish you could have lobotomized from your head.

“Sometimes knowing when to leave, is like knowing when to love…” is what a horoscope read today. Ha, and the worst is that if you are not good at either one of those it can be critical. Critical to you being well and getting the fuck on with your life.

I find the ebbs and flows of life’s expectations to be somewhat drab and sullen. I also heard someone say yesterday “you should live every day with no expectations, then you will never be let down”. Let down. Let down. Just those words make me want to vomit.

Songs sometimes sprout branches inside of you that root too deep. And as awesome songs that they are, when the subject matter thereof gets wet and rots, that wood gets brittle and turns dark. You stand up and they snap off. And where there was sap, is now dust. And instead of a snap of the splash of life, you hear the snap and crack of death.

I really would like to set a bunch of dead wood on fire, I really would.


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