Hudson Falcons light on Texas soil

I will be performing another set next Saturday October 15 at the Downtown Bar & Grill in Victoria Texas. This will be my second collection of songs that I have put together in my Chapter 2 story. It should be a fun set of tunes and I promise to include a few uppers on the list, but the rest will be somewhat down ridden. It was a rollercoaster part of my life.

Special props to the Stout City Luchadores for asking me to perform some songs at a punk show, it’s not often that I would be getting a chance to stand alongside some loud aggressive bands. But I will definitely jump on the opportunity when given.

And if you have never seen Hudson Falcons from NJ, then you are in for a treat. I have done numerous gigs with my past bands playing with Hudson and it is a great honor to get another chance to stand on the same stage with them. A great street punk rock n roll group, full of energy and talent. See them on their tour in Victoria that night, or at least catch them on some of their other Texas dates. Better yet go see them a few times. I usually do.

And also we can’t forget the two home town hero bands Stout City Luchadores and The Revival. These two will also be cutting heads that night with their sets. These are probably the biggest drawing bands that the Victoria scene is seeing right now, I’m sure you’ve seen them once if not more, and I wouldn’t expect to see them holding back on this gig.

It will be a night of diverse music and also a night of 15+ years of your local scene history in one evening. Well worth your five dollars.


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