Your love’s bud goes full bloom

It’s good that the weather is changing. Although it does make me think about too much. Funny how I can’t remember what I was doing last Tuesday, but I can specifically remember what I was doing four Halloween’s ago.

Maybe it’s the cusps of the overlapping seasons that leave stronger imprints on memory. Maybe it’s the dying of one part of life and the renewal of another. I don’t know what it exactly is, but when you combine the passions of life alongside the change of the air, it makes my past undertakings stand out in rich color. Seems like the closer I get to the holidays, the stronger those colors begin to vibrate.

I always remember that first breath of the cold air, or cooling air that year. I’ll always remember those walks down the steps late in the night as I would head out to work. That bite of the wind was uncomfortable then, but it manifested to soon signify the start of something new, something worth jumping for.

We aren’t always aware of those leaps till they are already taken, or fallen into. Sometimes we never even see them coming. Life to me, or rather for me – is all about leaps. These jumps are what makes me feel alive. I believe if we ever get too comfortable or still, we soon take for granted the adventure of how we got there. It’s our nature, that’s why we must constantly challenge ourselves with new ways to remind us of the road we travelled to get where we are.

I tend to listen to the road in my heart too much. And as for leaps, It doesn’t understand rules, or reason. I’ve always said “the heart wants what the heart wants”. Silly that it never knows what’s best for it, only that it remembers how it felt to beat hard. I’m constantly retelling it “it’s not just the good times that made you race, but the bad times too”. And those latter times were beats hardened and unwanted.

But I know it still laughs in my face. Odd how that works, but that’s what songs are made of. These songs anyways.

“..drum up some simpleton for you, to eat these apples from your eyes.”


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