Passion legs your wordless.

I scheduled some recording time in November at a studio to work on my record. Yes I still say ‘record’, I’m old and believe that vinyl is still final. I will be working with a great music engineer that I have done a ton of stuff with in the past and have found some great samples that will go good with the theme. So I will hope to have the sessions done by Christmas.

Completely laid out the set for Chapter 2 that I will be performing on October 15. Should be 8 or 9 songs that will be carrying on my story of the first year and a half that I was in Austin. This set of songs has a good up and down feel, you can see that there was some great times shortly after I moved here, followed by a few bumps and trials. Some that carried on for the next 2 years. It’s really the songs that will be in the next Chapter 3 that petrify me the most. I don’t expect anyone to understand what I went through then. Everybody has some crazy time that they dwell in. It will probably make me seem certifiable. But that’s ok. What I have noticed most, is the residual fallout of past times sorta fades as my insides get tired. Seems that the more I regurgitate these events, the more they seem to be just like parts of life and less like disasters. Because I know they are not, I wouldn’t undo them. I would undo some choices I have made, but I try to carry the good stuff with me as much as I can..

I miss times a lot, but that comes with anything that was worth doing. And that brings me to this point of holding it in so long that I have to get it out, and singing to people seems to help quite a bit.

“now I’m so far from you, I’m naming stars for you..”


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