I trapped myself inside my home this weekend, working on some music and putting together the final set for the Oct 15 show (which will be a full Chapter 2). That means no songs from my first gig will be thrown in there. Honestly I wasn’t feeling those too much now, I think they may be getting to me I don’t know..

But the good thing is I finished up a song this evening, my first original that I will be throwing in the mix. I hadn’t intended on writing at all, well I pretty much haven’t but this kinda just came to me one morning when I woke up. I’s nice when that happens.

It’s kinda odd, but I have this thing when anytime I sleep in the bed with another, I usually end up with my back next to them. Most of the time I was told “I feel kind of bad when you sleep away from me”. No insult was ever there. I just have this comfort thing where when I feel my back up against someone, it relates to me a level of safety. More like I trust you enough to leave my guard down, and to know that things are very well and ok (I’m not making this up, no really.)

Well back to the song, I woke up and somehow during the night one of my pillows got turned, and sort of laid up against me. Like along my back. Well for a moment, while coming out of my daze that familiar feeling of waking up next to someone was there. And it was real, well the feeling anyways. I decided to write some lyrics down after I got up, and then some music shortly followed.

It’s odd how something so minute and insignificant, could make you remember things like that. The senses are weird. They often poke at me, and sometimes I wish they would shut up and go somewhere else – but sometimes they get a song written about them. Sometimes.

“And it won’t rain inside my room now, or anytime to wash this all away..” -A.F.E.


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