Striking like a bird of prey

I met this man this week, he was 74. This was the first time we had been introduced and the second topic he began to tell me about was how he was getting a divorce in a month. At 74. His wife of 26 years had met a younger man and decided to move on. She is 73.

He talked about how he was now going to start living his life and do the things he always wanted to do, like fish and travel and live it up. Spending the end of his years finally following his happiness and chasing his dreams.

Now first, I admire this guy. He was not bitter, he was not angry. He said that his soon to be ex took care of him very well and he loved her very much. For whatever reasons, I didn’t ask, she found someone else.

Now 70 years old, to finally feel like they are going to go and experience life is quite the drive. But why spend decades of your life entwined in something that he said “he knew was eventually coming”. I admire his diligence in obviously honoring his vows, respecting his wife, and wanting to spend his life with her, but everyone has that inner voice inside – that pull. That pull that tugs now and then, and tells you what to do.

Maybe sometimes it’s not always the best thing, but maybe sometimes it is. Maybe it’s those pulls that make us take life leaps. Maybe that was her pull, or push.

Either way, it seems tragic. On her part and his. I hope and pray that I am not spending the last quarter of my life, just then to begin planning how I am going to live it. You have to do it now.

Live it now. Jump, run, dash, trip, fall, scrape, do whatever you have to do. Fight tooth and nail to follow that pull. There is no other way. Some of us don’t have 70 years. Lord knows I don’t.

There is a song in there somewhere.

“My dear diary: It’s just you and me, tonight.”


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