In the studio with the OMBG crew

This last friday night I had the privilege of getting to be a guest on the Old Man and Bitter Girl Music Podcast show (taping down in south Texas). The show is hosted by Loveletter musicians Tim Danger (Old Man) and Brea Guettner (Bitter Girl), along with co-hosts Dean Winkenwerder and a fella known only as M-Dawg.

They have put together a weekly podcast that promotes a lot of Texas punk, garage, folk, and indie music. Along with adding some hilarious commentary, topics of music, gaming and technology, they have a great on-air hour plus of entertainment. I knew when they all entered into the recording room each with at least a 12% alcohol 16oz can of something called “Tilt”, I figured that the subject matter on air would be less than PC. And it was. Any fans of “Howard Stern” and punk rock should totally check this out.

I got to talk about some of my other bands, some old times in our band house, and some of my influences on my AFE solo project and my latest video for “Too Small To Fail“. I actually did not even have a drink that night of the taping. It is worth a good listen to, so get to it.

Listen to Episode 33 of OMBG Podcast by clicking here. You can also hear this episode and others on iTunes for FREE. Yes free, I streamed it in my truck earlier on my iPhone. Totally rad. And great music too.

Thanks again to the hosts of the show for having me as a guest, I had a blast. They also promised me that Megan Massacre was going to be in the studio, and somehow she ended up stuck in makeup and hair the entire show. Yeah, her loss.


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