A lot of my song influence, whether it’s mine or whether it’s another artist’s song that I perform,  is based on a moment or moments that someone has left a  fingerprint on me. And I don’t mean that physically, but metaphorically. I have a great memory when it comes to bad things. Probably a bit too good. But you know I also am pretty good at remembering the great things too. Both of these abilities to recall the past combined, can create quite a tornado of emotions when you are trying to make life decisions. Maybe that’s why I find the need to express things in music that I cannot shake in real life. In ways it can let them go, but in other ways it keeps them just beneath the surface. Waiting.

The fingerprints that I cannot wipe off, I convert to music, or art or writing. I think that in my mind, it makes it the only way I can deal with them. It kind of gives them a place to reside, that makes it ok to be there. If that makes any sense. I can say that a lot of them are due for an exorcism but sometimes you just never get there. Maybe you won’t ever get there. All I can do is channel those thoughts and try to make them into something worth sharing. Whether it’s good or bad, someone can relate I’m sure.

Hope to see some familiar faces at the show tonight, or I damn hope to meet some new ones.

“The best revenge, is living well” – Timothy Danger & George Herbert


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