Too Small To Fail

So here is the video I put together over the last week or so for my AFE version of the Forgetters song “Too Small To Fail“.

Since I have been battling health problems off and on over the last three weeks I have had a lot of down time locked in my home with hands and legs tied. There is only so much I can stand to stare at the TV and these walls. My buddy Tim Danger from The Loveletter stopped by from tour and showed me a few apps for his iPhone 4.0 he had been using to make a tour video. It didn’t take me long for my wheels to start turning and thinking about some footage to start taking. This is my first attempt to do something like this, but sometimes the grittiness adds great flavor, and it was kinda natural the way most of the pieces all fell together.

I recorded and mixed the song in my home with the DAW Multi-Track App on seven tracks over about five hours (unmastered) in a carpeted room using only the phones internal mic. I did use some headphones to listen to the click track that runs with the application. This is a fantastic app, if I had this technology 20 years ago…multitrackin would have been a lot easier to learn.

The video was shot with the 8MM App and edited with iMovie (it’s very effortless to import between the apps too). The 8MM application to me, makes even the most simple and boring still life look cool (I am a B/W buff if you haven’t noticed).  These are all very popular downloads, for a very reasonable price. It’s so awesome to have this kind of multimedia power in my pocket for whenever I feel the need to do some creative work.

It was important to me that I did not use any outside media to do the actual recording and editing. I wanted to see how much I could utilize the iPhone 4.0’s brain.  It’s really amazing what you can do with a small amount of tech knowledge and a few very accessible tools.  

Enjoy the footage and the song, I will be performing it at the next few shows.


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