The guts are in the pudding

There are a ton of fantastic bands on the planet, more so than I will ever get to experience in my lifetime. Most of them great for their contributions to music as a whole, their talent on songwriting and their skills on their instruments. These things to me are notable and are due credit (being a skilled musician is nothing to shun at).

But what makes an act great in my opinion is the presentation of their art. The way it’s delivered, the imagery it portrays, the message it projects and how well it hits. Not even so much as how it’s received but how it comes across as a whole. Half the time I’ve spent on any project I’ve been involved in, that time was spent on developing imagery, or style, or what type of tone that I thought was needed for someone (just one person) to get the whole message. Whether it be aggression, sincerity, subtlety or what, it mattered. And I think it still does. Some acts (or people even) never get to show the big picture, they don’t see the whole package. Performing is a fantastic art, and it has to be fun, but delivery is of utmost importance too. And a lot of bands miss that rung on the ladder.

I pretty much apply this to anything I do when it has to do with creativity, whatever it is. I write stories to music, I write music from stories, I create pictures from feelings, and get feelings from pictures that I see. It’s all-encompassing, and for me the lines are thin if not lines at all.

Maybe it’s like a curse, or a bad tick, but at times it’s a bit overwhelming and I have to turn sensors off. Find sedation in monotone things, like sleep or alcohol, or the television. When that storm hits hard, it hits and doesn’t leave much behind. Then I wont sleep and have to battle my own demons the best way that I can, and usually that has to be with song.

The photo above is from outtakes of the Return to Cinder sessions by Mitch Ahrens. Check out his fantastic imagery at I will be shooting with him again this October.

“Show me  how you do that crazy trick, when you walk around asleep”


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