Up and down those stairs

It’s good that I will have some more shows coming up, the only problem is choosing the selections to play on those nights without altering the timeline of events that I am singing about. I guess ultimately when I finish I will have no more songs to play, and maybe that’s a good thing. These are rough tunes to keep replaying events in my head over and over. So as many times as I’ve screamed them at my walls, lets just say the walls are tired of hearing them. Along with my neighbors I’m sure.

Since I have an extra gig coming up I have decided to do a chapter 1.5 set, which will contain songs from 1 & 2. I figured I will mix them up and such. I am the only one that will notice, but I am the one doing the telling. And it does bother me when pieces don’t fit together well. Especially when I’m creating an outline of things I have felt.

I still am gathering footage for the 8mm video I am putting together for “Too Small To Fail“, which is a song that really hits home. Sometimes I think it deserves to go more at the end of the story, but since there are verses that take me back, to some very critical points, I’ve decided to drag it in into chapter 2. So expect to hear some of the first set like Sea Anemone & Empty Picture Frame Sept 10th for sure. I think I will just keep them separate in the end, and if I’m still performing this project, I will just pick a chapter and do it as is. When I’m finished that is. By then I’ll have some additional things to say. And maybe life will be telling the ending of the story for me, and I wont have to.


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